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Evidently Instagram: Setting your Business up on Instagram

Written by Simon Geraghty Getting your account setup We recently wrote about why using Instagram for your business is a great way to showcase your products to […]

Business Marketing Social Media

Picture This: Using Instagram for your Business

Written by Simon Geraghty. Why use Instagram as part of your content marketing? Using Instagram for your business is a great way to showcase your products […]

Business Marketing Social Media

Content is Coming: A Review of Content Curation Tools

Written by Simon Geraghty. With Google closing its popular Reader service we have had a look at some alternative content curation tools that you can use […]

Business Marketing Social Media

The Curious Case of the Facebook Promoted Posts in the night-time

Written by Simon Geraghty. Much has been written on the subject of recent changes introduced by Facebook which have lowered the reach of pages on […]

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Google+ or Minus?

Written by Simon Geraghty. The case for Google+ When Google rolled out in November 2011 business pages for Google+, we heard colleagues, clients and friends […]

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Using video to promote your business – has online video killed the radio star?

Using video to promote your business Written by Simon Geraghty. YouTube is the world’s largest and most popular online video site. We all know that […]

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Pinterest for my business

Written by Simon Geraghty. What is pinterest? Pinterest is a visual notice board that allows users to share images and links they find inspiring or […]

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7 ways to promote your business blog

  Written by Simon Geraghty. Back from some work at MeetSmarter and a nice break in Co. Kerry.  On the blog to date we’ve written […]

Business Marketing Social Media

Zen, The art of viral content (& Cats)

                  Written by Simon Geraghty. Content worth sharing Last week we introduced you to the merits of […]