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Creating Hotels for Generation Wireless

Written by Simon Geraghty. Wish you were here/ wish I was there: The hotel sector, like many others, is trying to figure out how to […]

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Overdue a visit to the production music library?

Written by Alan Killian. Licensing Commercial and Production Music Library Tracks   You have shot your web video, you have edited and even graded your footage. You […]

Business Marketing Social Media

Eye Candy: Sourcing free images for your content marketing

Written by Simon Geraghty & Edel O’Gorman. Why do you need images for your content marketing? So you know content marketing is important, you’ve just […]

Business Marketing Social Media

Content is Coming: A Review of Content Curation Tools

Written by Simon Geraghty. With Google closing its popular Reader service we have had a look at some alternative content curation tools that you can use […]

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Going for Gold: Is LinkedIn Premium Worth It?

Written by Simon Geraghty. We’ve been doing a series of training sessions recently for a client around making the best use of LinkedIn for businesses. The […]

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Let’s Get Visual: A Look at Free Infographic Tools

Written by Simon Geraghty. Today we’re taking a looking at free infographic tools for your content marketing activity. But what’s an infographic? The word itself […]

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The Curious Case of the Facebook Promoted Posts in the night-time

Written by Simon Geraghty. Much has been written on the subject of recent changes introduced by Facebook which have lowered the reach of pages on […]

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The DotDash Approach to Responsive Design

Written by Simon Geraghty & Ryan Nutley. Over the last 5 years, tablets and smartphones have taken the world by storm, causing an increase in demand […]

Business Marketing Social Media

Little & Large: Looking at URL Shortening Services

Written by Simon Geraghty. As a Twitter user you should already be familiar with shortened URLs, and if you aren’t, this is where a long […]