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Zen, The art of viral content (& Cats)

                  Written by Simon Geraghty. Content worth sharing Last week we introduced you to the merits of […]

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Green Shoots, Fax Machines & Digital Marketing

Written by Simon Geraghty. Green Shoots in March At last March brought some economic news showing signs of green shoots in the Irish Economy, although […]

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Facebook is as good a marketing tool as you make it

Written by Simon Geraghty. I had the good fortune to meet Eric Berman from Facebook, New York this week. We were introduced by a good […]

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Twelve Personal Branding Tools You Should Be Using

By Joe Pulizzi, Published September 07, 2011 I started to seriously work on my personal brand back in 2007 when I left my “real job” […]

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Where’s Wally*? Or how your website gets found on the internet

Written by simon Geraghty. Dublin holds the record for having the most Wally’s gathered in one spot at 3,500 (and for those of you who […]

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The Hitchhiker’s Guide To Business: Name that tune, name this company

Written by Simon Geraghty. Part 1: Name that tune, name this company Update: This post was nominated for Best Blog at the Blog Awards Ireland […]

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Time to Show Your Hand and Use LinkedIn As A Sales Tool

We all know at this stage that LinkedIn is the B2B social hub. A lot of column inches have been generated around the job hunting […]