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Who is Using Google+? [Infographic]


So who is using Google Plus?

Written by Simon Geraghty.

Google Plus is a predominantly male platform with 63% not originating in Venus.

  • 15% of male users are 18-24
  • 22% of male users are 25-34
  • 4% of male users are 55+.

Like the majority of Social Media networks users from the US predominate at 5.3m users,  but India is not far behind at 2.8m.

Worringly for the site only 17% of the total base are classed as active users, while the amount of uinique visitors has been in decline since it’s peak in September 2011.

61% of the top 100 brands have a Google Plus page.

While there are opportunities for challenger brands to steal a march on competitors the low numbers of active users and diminishing number of unique visitors do not bode well.

Full infographic below:

Who is using Google Plus?Produced by Flowtown.